R.I.S.E. for moms

R.I.S.E. for moms at Kenwood is kicking off our second year of ministry this month! We are so grateful for the chance to meet and be in community together. Just as a reminder-R.I.S.E. is open to moms of ALL AGES! 

We are launching our first home meetings of the year in our various groups throughout the city (see registration below for more details). Groups will meet twice a month (every other week on the meeting date for the group location). 
When you register through the link below, you will have an opportunity to choose your group based on location or day of the week- it is a first-come, first-serve registration, so those registering earlier will likely have a greater chance to receive their first choice. You will get to meet your group facilitator and host team along with your fellow group members at your first in-home September meeting.

Important notes about this year, 2020-2021: 

  • Our THEME for the year is Kingdom Culture. We will be diving into what it looks like to live out the Kingdom of Christ here and now and how to reorient our hearts and minds back toward His kingdom. 
  • We are using the Risen Motherhood podcast in addition to our guided discussion curriculum (created by our leadership team). Podcasts will be played in your group, but you're welcome (and encouraged) to listen to the podcast on your own.
  • You can respond to this email with any questions you may have.
  • Registration fees are $40, which will help with childcare, plus you will receive a swag bag filled with your guided discussion curriculum, a cozy RISE for moms signature shirt, and a few more lovely surprises!
  • PLEASE feel free to share this registration link with any of your mom friends, neighbors, etc.

Register HERE

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven.”