Women's Bible Study

Join a dynamic group of women who gather to study God's Word each Thursday morning, beginning September 20, 2018, from 9:15-11:00. This semester you have a choice of one of the following classes:

Book of JOSHUA

Have you ever made a promise you failed to keep? The Book of Joshua reminds us of God's faithfulness, especially as He fulfills His promises to Abraham. Picking up the account of Israel's history after the death of Moses, we will follow the Israelites as they cross the Jordan, conquer their enemies, and divide up the Promised Land among the 12 tribes.

Co-taught by: Pam Roberts & Rosalie Castleberry

Prophecy of HOSEA

NEWSFLASH FROM ISRAEL: Local prophet marries prostitute! As we study the book of Hosea, we will investigate the 'why' behind this marriage. We will explore what the northern kingdom of Israel was like during Hosea's tenure there. Most importantly, we will discover the unconditional, unending, and unfailing love of God to all people then and now.

Taught by: Nancy Wallace


The internet says that reading your horoscope will tell you "what to expect from the day." Some tell you that following a certain diet or a list of rules and regulations will bring you closer to God. Paul addresses these contemporary issues as he reminds us of the hope we have through the supremacy of Jesus Christ.

Taught by: Lois Bascom

Please contact Lois at 792-9445 or bascom618@gmail.com for further information and for reserving child care. These studies end December 6, 2018

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