Men’s Bike, Golf, Run, Walk, or Play

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Saturday, September 18 (9 am-1:30 pm)

Miami Whitewater Park

Sub Sandwich Lunch at Noon

Scott Bowers will be speaking to the group at 12:30 PM.

Cost Varies depending on activity (donations accepted for lunch; expect a $3 park entry unless you already have a Great Parks pass)

Choose from one of these activities:

I’d like to Bike with Kenwood Men (contact is John Dobbs) and I have my own bike

I’d like to Bike with Kenwood Men (contact is John Dobbs). I don’t own a bike but I’d like to borrow one and give it a try

I’d like to play 9 holes of Golf with Kenwood Men (contact is Kyle Reynolds)

I’d like to Run or Walk with Kenwood Men (contact is Scott Burns)

I’m planning on “just playing” (Disc Golf, Fishing, Water Options @ Harbor) 

I’ll show up for the lunch at noon to fellowship and hear Scott Bowers