"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer" Acts 2:42

Women's Bible Study

join a dynamic group of women who gather to study God’s Word each Thursday morning, beginning September 21, from 9:15-11:00.  This semester you have a choice of one of the following classes:

The Book of Titus: Taught by Nancy Wallace

The Apostle Paul’s letter to young Titus, serving as minister to the believers on the island of Crete, is full of practical instruction for believers of all ages.

We will look at two important questions:

What has God called

us to do?

What does that look like in my life?


The Book of Ezekiel: Taught by Susan Rice

Ezekiel’s dramatic visions confront the exiled Israelites with the stark reality of what their rebellion had caused. However, he comforts them (and us) with the promise that the holy God would yet fulfill His plans to redeem sinful humans and dwell among us.


The Gospel of Matthew: Taught by Lois Bascom

Matthew serves as a bridge leading us from the Old Testament promise of a Messiah

into New Testament fulfillment. We will see how Jesus Christ, foreshadowed throughout the Old Testament as the promised Messiah  and the King of the Jews, wants to be King of our lives.


Please contact Lois at 792-9445 or bascom618@gmail.com.org for further information and for reserving child care.



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