"They devoted themselves to the apostles' teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer" Acts 2:42
Wednesday Night Dinner and Classes

September - May

6:00pm Dinner 6:45pm Classes for all ages

$5/Individual, $7/Couple, $10/Family

Please RSVP for Childcare.


September 13 - November 15

  • DivorceCare led by Chuck and Judy Davis. This program features practical information and biblical teaching for recovering from divorce or separation. (rm 234)
  • Life After Debt led by John Jordan. God placed money in our lives on purpose - to mature us and get us to a place that He preplanned for us. This entertaining course is to study what God directs us to do with our lives after we get a handle on debt. Be prepared to be challenged regardless of whatever financial stage of life you are in. (rm 224)
  • "Nothing Minor about the Minor Prophets" led by John Bascom. The messages from the Minor Prophets have faded in the modern church. But God wants to use the topics of their world to address the challenges in our world today. So we must give renewed attention to them. (rm 126)
  • Christianity Explored led by Broc Hilliard. We all get one life to live and deep down we’re all asking the same question – what’s it all about? Come explore how the Christian faith answers this question. We will also look at other tough questions like: Wasn't Jesus just a great teacher? Can you trust the Bible? Does God even exist? Why does God allow suffering? (rm 226)
  • Worship through Art led by Vicki Swallen and team. This class is designed to give Christians a chance to explore their God given creativity through working and learning together.  We will journey with each other exploring scripture, making art, sharing about art, and using our art to worship and glorify God.  No training or skills are needed. (rm 101)
  • Biblical Hebrew led by Kurt Backlund. Let the Bible come alive with new understanding through the study of the Hebrew language. (rm 120)
  • Ministry to Medical Residents led by Greg Wallace. (Family Room)
  • Choir Rehearsal This group is not just for seasoned singers, but those interested in developing their singing skills. You do not need to be able to read music. Join others in praising God through song. (Choir Room)
  • Children age 4 through 6th grade

Classes offered are for 4 years old and up, except the Bible study class.  It is for 2nd-6th graders and their parents.  Childcare is provided for children under 4.

  • Art - Come and use your creativity to learn about God's glory and glorify Him through art.  Enjoy different projects each week.  Class begins in 211, and is picked up in Room 206.  Led by Michelle Lipps.
  • Choir - Sing about God's glory!  Children will enjoy music and learn about worship.  Class is in Room 211.  Led by Erica Bardeau.
  • Family Bible Study - We will study the Bible and discuss the sermon series in a kid-friendly way.  This class is for parents and their children (2nd-6th grade) and is a great way to learn to enjoy Bible study as a family, have faith discussions and disciple your kids after worshiping together on Sunday.   Class begins in 211, and pick up is in Room 209.  Led by Sara O'Connor
  • Service - Does your child like to serve?  Give God glory, and join this active class and serve your church, community and world!  Class begins in 211 and pick up is in Fellowship Hall.  Led by Mike Shiverski.
  • Childcare (201/202) is available for children ages 3 and younger whose parent(s) are attending a class. RSVP required. Please contact Pastor Sara: saraoconnor@kenwoodbaptist.org.

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