“Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, 20 and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you." Matthew 28:19-20
Global Missions

American Baptist International Ministries

This organization sends out personnel to serve in over thirty countries, proclaiming and living out the Gospel. This year, IM celebrates 200 years of outreach which began with Ann and Adoniram Judson in Burma (Myanmar). IM’s strategic focus areas include not only evangelism, but also human trafficking, peace and refuge, economic development, theological education, and health issues. internationalministries.org

Call of Love

“Call of Love” ministries reaches out to Muslims throughout the US and the world through music, TV, radio and printed materials in Arabic to share the message of Jesus. They also produce materials and provide training opportunities to help Western believers interact with their Muslim neighbors with understanding and wisdom.

Blair and Jane Cook

Blair serves as the Executive Director of the International School Project of Campus Crusade (CRU) and Jane works primarily developing and implementing discipleship programs. ISP operates in third world countries helping to develop and resource educators to have an impact for Christ with their students, colleagues and the students’ parents. Blair@blaircook.org

Jeff and Annie Dieselberg

Jeff and Annie serve in Bangkok, Thailand, at NightLight Foundation and NightLight Design Co. Ltd. Jeff serves as chaplain to these organizations and is the Pastor of NightLight’s church plant, Song Sawang Church. Annie is the founder and CEO of NightLight, facilitating outreach in the red-light area. Nightlight‘s mission is to provide hope, intervention, rescue and assistance to women and children involved in sexual exploitation. Jeff grew up at Kenwood Baptist. nightlightinternational.com

Erin Gehler Layne

Erin, who was raised at Kenwood Baptist Church, received her MA in Counseling after serving for several years in Europe with CRU. She currently lives with her family in Colorado where she provides critical counseling and spiritual guidance for CRU staff as they experience the many demands and stresses of ministry across cultures.

Kit Ripley

Kit’s primary focus is to serve the residents and staff of the New Life Center in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The New Life Center works with tribal girls who are at risk for labor or sexual exploitation. Kit became a Kenwood Baptist Church member in 2001, and was commissioned for service here. She does pastoral care, staff training, art therapy, and oversees the center’s handicraft business. newlifecenterfoundation.org

Scot and Cherie Stober

Serving with Wycliffe Bible Translators, Scot and Cherie have been working on a New Testament translation for the Mato people in Papua New Guinea since 1996. Their project is moving into the final stages, so that soon the Mato will have a written language and a Bible in their native tongue. Cherie grew up at Kenwood Baptist Church.

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